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Poco's Elements

Gacha (random) mechanic is implemented into Egg hatching, which results in a Poco (NFT) with:
  • 5 Elements: Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Wind.
  • 4 Class: Tanker, Mage, Archer, Support
  • 4 Primary Stats: Strength (Damage, HP); Agility ( Attack Speed, Armor); Intelligent (Magic Power, Skill Casting Speed, Magic Resistance), Speed (Speed. Affects turn order during battle)
  • 5 Stats from Equipment : Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Dodge Chance, HP Regen, MP Regen
  • 4 Skills: 1 Passive skill, 2 Active skills and 1 Ultimate influenced by Class
  • 7 Rank: E < D < C < B < A < S < SR
  • 8 Parts: Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Tail, Ears, Skin, Wings, Body, Tail.
  • 3 Forms: Baby, Master, Epic.
  • Level: 1-29, 30-69, 70-100
  • Arrange the team formation: 4 Pocos to be in your fighting squad
The elements that make up a Poco offer great customization in the power of Pocos or a squad in Play Mode. Players are allowed to be creative in fus, arranging team and pricing their Pocos on the NFT Marketplace.