PvP Rank Mode

  • PVP Rank is played with the model “Attack and Defense”. When playing the game (online), players can use their “Attack” formation to engage in battles. When the player goes offline, his team formation will be put into “Defense” mode with his defending formation (pre-arranged).
  • Successful Attack or Defense will result in increased points for the player’s Rank. Failure in doing so will result in otherwise (losing Rank points)
  • In the case of a failed “Defense”, player will be notified once online and is able to raid against the attacker.

Rank and Reward

There are 3 types of rewards: Mission, Rank Reward and Seasonal Reward. Qualified players will be rewarded with Poco token or Special Equipments.
  • Mission: can be daily missions and does not involve competition between players.
  • Rank Reward: players are rewarded by their Rank, which are: Apprentice < Elite < Noble < Poco Legends. Rank Reward is available for 'Poco Legends' Rank onwards.
  • Seasonal Reward: each game season is expected to last for 90 days. Players will receive their rewards at the end of each season based on their accumulated achievement.