Battle (PVP)

The arena can consist of 1 vs 1 battles. A Player can build their squad including four Poco warriors from their collection to combat opponents in each round. They need to defeat their enemies to gain reward for their effort. Matchups will be determined automatically by the system, and between players with similar point accumulations - however, there is no discrimination between player levels.
These games on Poco are in turn-based combat type that means players and their units act in turns when joining the combat, hence, to become the winner, players must build a powerful team with Poco warriors owning full skills (wind, water, fire, dark, light) and great tactics to combine those skills in the best way.


  • A completed fighting formation requires 4 Poco. Players are able to arrange Poco’s position or select a pre-arranged formation before entering the combat.
  • The combat is turn-based, which means there will be specific order and target for each turn during the battle.
  • The order of attack will be determined by Poco's speed.
  • There is a time limit for each combat. In the case of failure to defeat all Poco of the opponent within the time limit, the attacking player will be considered to lose the combat. Player will be able to speed up the combat speed by selecting “x2”