Game Story

A long time ago, no one knew exactly when a magical world appeared, where only one creature existed, Poco. Before Poco appeared, the planet was totally covered in darkness, but then things changed quickly, bright colors began to spread everywhere. Poco will be identified based on the natural element it possesses. There are a total of 5 elements: Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Wind.
Amongst them develop a rare breed of creatures that took a different turn in evolutionary path. A path that granted them mere godlike magical powers to have control over different natural elements.
With dominating power unlike no other, they continue to thrive and develop into their own society, Poco Universal. Legendary battles were held in honor of their strength and power, wisdom and courage. Yearly tournaments were held to decide the one true champion of the planet as they poured from all corners of Poco to compete.
However, there is a truth that their overwhelming power did not last forever and they find themself growing weaker through generations. Now, they battle to find the strongest amongst them to lead and keep their species out of extinction as they further evolve from different clans, mixing and improving their later generation to once again reclaim their godlike status and power.